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Best practice > Organisational culture, To cooperate

United in experience: two PC’s represent 19 programmes

The School of Business and Economics (SBE) at Maastricht University takes up the challenge to represent 19 programmes in two Programme Committees. The Bachelor Programme Committee meets jointly with the Master Programme Committee. And it works! We have one Bachelor Programme Committee and one Master Programme Committee, in which student members of the different programmes […]

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As a member of the Educational Programme Committee you often find yourself thrown into the deep. You only work a few hours a day but you still have to reflect well on your educational programme. In order to help you the Landelijk Overleg Fracties (LOF), Student Overleg Medezeggenschap (SOM) and the Dutch Student Union (LSVb) […]


Best practice > To cooperate, Organisational culture

Struggle with position? These OCs get support to grow into their role.

Constructive cooperation is an important factor in a successful functioning of OCs. They work together with other OCs, the participation council and other bodies within the institution like the work field committee and the examination committee. We observe that OCs quite regularly struggle with the task perception and the positioning within the organisation. A good […]

Best practice > To be facilitated

Customised support for the OCs; the HU and Fontys explain how helpful that is

Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and Fontys both have equipped all OCs with support at a central level. The service is fashioned to support the OCs and management with their work and cooperation in a demand-oriented fashion. We offer training sessions higher education-wide and customisation in the form of coaching, consultation, training and process guidance. […]

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Degree programme committees 2016

This report contains the outcomes of the study by the Netherlands’ Inspectorate of Education into degree programme committees in government-funded higher education. We investigated how degree programme committees are currently functioning and how they might contribute more actively to the quality of degree programmes. We also compared the results with those of the Inspectorate’s 2010 […]

Best practice > Involvement of the constituents, To cooperate, Composition

Decision-making is just a terminal destination. Prior to that, you need all hands on deck to create a base of support.

We believe in cooperation, because in the end all of us benefit. At the beginning of the year, we establish our goals, decide on the working method, including all meeting dates. We allocate the portfolios on the basis of preference and on the basis of qualities. There should also be room to learn within the […]

Best practice > Involvement of the constituents, To have influence

Waiting six months to retake a practical? This OC believes that is outrageous.

“A pity, you did not pass your practical exam,” says the examiner with a frowning face.  I am shocked, followed by a sense of failure. It was already hot, but now the beads of sweat are starting to run down my face. The tears are welling up in my eyes and a burning sensation indicates […]

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Wanted: English documents

In case you have any relevant documents in English and you want to share these with other study programme committees? Please mail us:

Best practice > To cooperate, To have influence

In March, they will receive the draft version of the OER. Plenty of time to constructively think along

At first, things proceeded as follows: In May, the OC receives an e-mail with the draft version of the Education and Examination Regulation (Dutch acronym: OER). The OC gets three days to compose and release their advice. Complete panic! What are the thoughts of the Institute’s Participation Council? Is it even possible for any of […]

Best practice > Involvement of the constituents, To have influence

Condemning needs to end in order to evaluate courses transparently. Learn why.

In monthly meetings, the Study Programme Committee (Dutch acronym: OC) of Biosciences at the Radboud University discusses the noticeable trends and signals in student evaluations and the annual national student survey. Additionally, they discuss the signals picked up by members of other committees or the participation council, as well as signals picked up in informal […]

Best practice > Involvement of the constituents, To have influence

Elsevier’s number 1 organizes JOOP each year. What can we learn from this approach?

All Political Science students and teachers are welcome to attend the JOOP, the annual consultation for political science education. The OC organises the JOOP with the goal to initiate a debate about education on the basis of certain statements. Besides the debate, there is a lecture, which, in 2016, was about the societal role of […]