Why this site

Through this platform, we aim to strengthen the work of study programme committees (Dutch: opleidingscommissies). The Act reinforcement of administrative power that shall come into force September 1st, 2017, enlarges the imperative to function appropriately. Study programme committees have the right of consent on a number of parts of the teaching and examination regulations (Dutch acronym: OER). By stimulating study programme committees to share valuable knowledge and best practices with one another on this webplatform, we offer them the opportunity to professionalise themselves.


Supported by the Inspectorate of Education, LSVb (Dutch Student Union) and ISO.

The Inspectorate of Education launched a research about OCs in 2016, and provided the main force behind this website. Through making collected best practices and useful documents of the OC accessible, the inspectorate encourages OCs to reinforce themselves.

In the end, it is up to the OCs, students and teachers themselves to take matters into their own hands. For that sake, it is preferred that this site stays independent from the inspectorate’s research. And, that the ownership remains in the hands of the OCs themselves: as many of the students and teachers as possible. The self-portraits and useful documents are also their examples, which they are eager to share with fellow OCs. These serve as examples, not instructions.